We Provide


Cylinder service repair

Certified hydraulic rebuilds

Seal replacement and seal kits

Quality assurance

Field service

The team's strong hydraulic system knowledge across a range of industries, including earthmoving,  warehousing, demolition and construction, allows for a wide range of service and repair options to get you up and running and keep you running.


Repair and Service Indicators:


   Cylinder drift

   Slow cycle times

   Noisy operation

   System overheating

   Loose cylinder joints


Part of HAGEs routine service includes disassembly, full inspection and gauge of your equipment.  This includes full checks on seals, barrels, rods, mounts, valves, pistons.  All assembles are completed with torque checks and are pressure tested prior to final paint and package processes for dispatch.


HAGEs repair options include honing, linishing, re-chroming, seal replacement and hydraulic rebuilds.  When hydraulic rebuilds are involved, we specialise in rebuilding certified hydraulic components which can include rods, glands, barrels, pistons, cushions, trunions and much more.


HAGEs service and repair options further includes offering and supplying the right parts to withstand your hydraulic system pressures and mechanical loads.


As a partner to your business, HAGE puts a high emphasis on becoming a secondary supply in the service and repair chain.  This includes the supply of cylinder kits in our build-your-own service, hydraulic heavy wall tubes which are manufactured on site to customer specifications and special purpose tools.  HAGE also enjoys partnership with forging companies, CNC machining companies and alternative coating and surface protection applicators.

At HAGE we know that operating costs are part of hydraulic systems, which is why we sell real hydraulic solutions to maximise the performance and component life of your hydraulic systems and offer full training in knowing your equipment